Information for A and AS Students on August 18

A and AS level students, please take note of when you can get your results tomorrow, August 18:

  • A Level students (L3+) can get their results from 8am-1pm.
  • AS students (L3s) can get their results from 12 noon onward.

Please come and pick up your results from the 6th floor.

Thank you, and we will see you tomorrow.

Assessment Week – Revision Information

Assessment Week begins on Monday 6th June. 

The week is an opportunity for you to display the knowledge, skills and understanding you have developed over the last year. It also allows teachers to assess your progress over the year.

Your teachers have put together a list of key revision topics and key information for each of your subjects which can be found below:

Foundation Assessment Week Information

L1 Assessment Week Information

L1P Assessment Week Information

L2 Assessment week Information

Foundation Assessment Week: History Assignment

During the first week back after 1/2 term you will undertake assessments in all your subject areas.

To see and begin preparing for your History assignment

1: Check out the paper here:

2: You will complete a 20 question Knowledge Test based on all the Knowledge Questions you have done this year. 

Use your books, the History page on this platform and any other resource to prepare for this assignment.


Further details of the in-class assessment undertaken on Monday and Friday can be found here.