HSBC / British Council Chinese Speaking Competition, 02/12/2017


The UCL Academy sent nine budding Chinese linguists to The Victory Services Club near Marble Arch on Friday, to perform in the regional finals of the HSBC Chinese Speaking Competition. Places in the UK finals are up for grabs in both the group and individual events.

In the group event led by Daisy, Ali-sam NATEGHIAN (L1), Michal GOLAN (L1), Chakib ZEDEK (L1), Matilde VAZ (L1+), Riyad ZEDEK (L1+) & Maram NOURY (L1) put on a theatrical display of Chinese dialogue and Oscar-worthy dramatics to hold their own against other public and private schools across London. In the individual event, Tyyne KOTRO-BRENNER (L1), Maria KANELLOPOULOS (L2+) and Anna HOLMS (L1+) presented, answered questions and performed on-the-spot translations in Mandarin to the delight of the judges and the audience.

All participants were true ambassadors for The UCL Academy and were proud to represent their school. If you see them around the Academy, please ask them about the experience and congratulate them. Also a big thank you to Daisy for organising scripts, props and rehearsals and to Tingting for organising the trip.

Good luck!

Information for A and AS Students on August 18

A and AS level students, please take note of when you can get your results tomorrow, August 18:

  • A Level students (L3+) can get their results from 8am-1pm.
  • AS students (L3s) can get their results from 12 noon onward.

Please come and pick up your results from the 6th floor.

Thank you, and we will see you tomorrow.