Big Ideas and Foundation ‘Celebration of Learning’

Exit Point will take place on Friday 20th of October.  Students will work on a series of activities with a clear purpose, process and final product that connects their learning over the half term.

As part of the Exit Point, Foundation students will be displaying their products of learning over the half term at a ‘Celebration of Learning’ event.  Parents and relatives are invited into the academy as an audience for the Foundation students work and presentations of learning.  This will take place from 11.30 to 12.30 in the House Canteens.  Visitors arriving in reception by 11.30.  Please use the Eventbrite page (click here) to sign up to the event.

A reminder of this half terms Big Ideas and Grand Challenges.  There is an expectation that students are asked to link their learning to these within all subject areas.  They do make a good forum discussion or start to a lesson!  Please read the ‘Connected Curriculum’ drop down menu for further information.

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