Level 2 Geography pragmatic rehearsal

Dear Level 2+ students,


To help you with your Geography studies, please find below documents that synthesise the key knowledge and understanding from each of the units you have studied this year.

It is vital that you take some time this summer to review your learning from this academic year in Geography.  Within each section you will also find ‘knowledge questions’ that will allow you to test the extent of your knowledge and understanding.

Over the summer it is expected that;

  • You create revision resources such as flashcards that help you with memory and retention of the vast amount of content covered this year.  Use the text book to synthesise the key information/knowledge to help you.
  • Self quiz: Answer from memory both the provided questions and those that you create yourself.  You could write down your quiz answers from memory or ask a friend or parent to help by asking you the questions.  You should be doing self quizzing on a regular basis.

The challenge of natural hazards

The Living World

Physical landscapes in the UK: Coastal Landscapes

Physical landscapes in the UK: River landscapes

Unit 1 Identity – Level 1+ Future Food

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