1. Which individual is considered to be the father of modern Communism?
  2. What features does a dictatorship have?
  3. Who was the first dictator?
  4. A system of rule by a King is called what?
  5. A system of rule by the people (through the election of representatives) is called what?
  6. The ‘carrot and stick approach’ to leadership refers to what methods of rule?
  7. Who ruled the 5 major counties involved in World War Two?
  8. Martin Luther King is famous for his leadership of what organisation?
  9. Who are the leaders of the three main political parties within England?
  10. The political system within the United Kingdom in called what?

Unit 1: Identity

afl sheet unit 1

Knowledge Harvest Activities: Assess what you already know about the history and identity of London.

1: Click here and complete within the first week of the Unit. You will be emailed with your responses so that you can improve upon your knowledge and gain 100% on the end of Unit Knowledge Test. 

2: Define London Identity within your exercise books.

A London identity can be defined as…This can be shown by…This supports this definition because…

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Assessment I can… Grade Card: Click this link to be taken to a digital copy of the Grade card you have in your books. Monitor and track your progress through self-assessment. 


1: Click here to access the G Drive folder with additional resources supporting this unit.

2: Unit Presentation: To what extent has the identity of a ‘Londoner’ changed over time?

CGL Research Planning Sheet: Print out a copy of this sheet to plan the CGL investigation.

Research Planning Sheet

End of Unit Knowledge Test:

Click here to complete the end of Unit test. Remember you are aiming to get over 85%. You can only do it once so make sure you have revised and you are ready.

Authentic Audience: Throughout this unit you will contribute, as an individual and Learning Set, to a video entitled What is Identity? This video will be shared with parents, UCL and will be placed online for a worldwide audience. All your KUS from the History course will be applied to this final video.