L2 Connected Curriculum & the Grand Challenges

As learners progress through the UCL Academy Connected Curriculum and into level 2 they transition from an application of Big Ideas to Grand Challenges. They move from a conceptually connected Curriculum to one built around a Grand Challenge.
a Grand Challenge is a UCL identified area through which top academics collaborate to tackle some of the worlds most significant problems. These Challenges include:

  • Sustainable Cities
  • Global Health
  • Intercultural Interactions
  • Human Wellbeing

We are pleased that through the UCL Academy’s Connected Curriculum Academy students can apply their GCSE knowledge, Understanding and Skills to tackling real world problems and contribute in a significant way to the work of UCL.

Find below the L2 Connected Curriculum outline and handbook issued to and used by staff at the Academy in their application of the Grand Challenges:

L2 Connected Curriculum handbook


Autumn term 1

Spring term 2 Summer term 3
Grand Challenge Sustainable Cities

Global Health

Intercultural Interaction

Exit Point December: Authentic Challenge 1  April: Authentic Challenge 2  July: Authentic Challenge 3 
PSHCE Aiming High Relationships Employability & Careers

Autumn term 4

Spring term 5

Summer term 6

Grand Challenge Human Wellbeing Global Citizenship

Wellbeing and Succes

 Exit Point December: Authentic Challenge 4 February:Authentic Challenge 5 Pragmatic rehearsal: 1:REVISE 2:Examination Practice Examinations
PSHCE Health and Wealth Active Citizenship Wellbeing