Foundation Unit 2: Soundscapes

Foundation Unit 2: Soundscapes

In this unit you will be looking at soundscapes and how the elements of music we learnt about can be used to create images, emotions, and a sense of place.

Track 1: Kerry Andrews – No Place Like

Track 2: Heitor Villa-Lobos – The Little Train of the Caipira

Track 3: George Gershwin – An American in Paris

Track 4: The Pogues – Metropolis

Track 5: Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre

Track 6: Leroy Anderson – Sleigh Ride

Foundation Unit 1: Elements of Music

In this unit you will learn about the building blocks of music:-





You will develop your ability to read and write music using notation, improve your singing skills and build up your knowledge and understanding of the key elements of music.

Homework Week 1

Listen to this track. Think about the story, the instruments, the tempo and the style of the music.


Homework Week 2

Listen to thi track. Think about the different styles and instruments used.