Term 2b: Connected Curriculum overview

An overview of Big Ideas, driving questions and Grand Challenge activities for term 2b can be found below.  These must be shared in subject lessons and students are requested to make connections between their subject specific content and to other disciplines through the Big Idea or Grand Challenge.  They make effective lesson or forum starter activities for example.  Students will then be able to effectively complete Reflect and Connect and Grand Challenge sessions.  Exit Point is on Thursday the 29th of March, for Foundation, Level 1, Level 1+ and Level 2.


Resolution: Problems, disputes and contentious issues can sometimes be satisfactorily solved or resolved

To what extent can some of the worlds contentious issues be satisfactorily solved or resolved?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by the Math department

Reflect and connect resources can be found here

Level 1

Resilience: Success over time requires persistence

How does resilience and persistence make us more successful?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by Humanities department

Reflect and connect resources can be found here

Level 1+

Renewal: The end of a process is often the preparation for the beginning of something new

In what ways can the end of a process be a beginning?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by the P.E department

Level 2

Grand Challenge: 

Driving question: What are the major global health issues and how can they be eradicated? 

Weekly resources here

Level 2+

Grand Challenge: 

Driving question: In what ways can we make our global society more Just? 

(potential for L1+ and L2+ to work together in house time to discuss issues and injustices)

Within the Grand Challenge session on Thursdays, students will explore various injustices.  Students will complete a final product which is a short speech and art piece in order to be awarded the Grand Challenge certificate.  Resources for these sessions can be found here.


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