Term 3b: Connected Curriculum overview

An overview of Big Ideas, driving questions and Grand Challenge activities for term 3b can be found below.  These must be shared in subject lessons and students are requested to make connections between their subject specific content and to other disciplines through the Big Idea or Grand Challenge.  They make effective lesson or forum starter activities for example.  Students will then be able to effectively complete Reflect and Connect and Grand Challenge sessions.  Exit Point is on Thursday 19th of July, for Foundation, Level 1, Level 1+ and Level 2.


Big Idea: Adaptability is demonstrated by the ability to cope, alter or change with new circumstances or environments

Driving question: How does adapting to ready, respectful and safe, help us to grow as a school community and as learners?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by the Drama department

Reflect and connect resources can be found here

Level 1

Big Idea: The desire to know more drives exploration and aspiration

How can curiosity drive us to make new discoveries?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by the Engineering department

Reflect and connect resources can be found here

Level 1+

Grand Challenge 1:  Transformative Technology

Driving question: How can we facilitate social good through the use of technological innovation?

Entry-Exit point activities planned by the Computer Science department

Level 2

Grand Challenge 4:  Cultural Understanding

Driving question: How can we heal our humanity?

Students are working towards creating a magazine about various issues such as racism and sexism.  They will partake in a summit that discusses the driving question.

Weekly resources here


Physical displays of the Connected Curriculum including the Big Ideas can be found in various open spaces across the school. These are intended to be interactive and will make great forum starters to lessons.




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